What’s in a name?

bizdom: ‘blending business knowledge, experience and courage in accordance with prevailing and anticipated circumstances to achieve intended outcomes’

I think it’s more ‘verb’ than ‘noun’.  And it tends to be associated with grey hair – as you can see.

In practice, it means I’m often engaged in recruiting and coaching directors, entrepreneurs, managers and senior personnel in marketing, sales and customer service functions.

I’ve spent many years training and consulting; but appointing the right people to influential roles – then coaching them to be good directors, managers and leaders – provides far greater leverage of my expertise for the benefit of all.

Small and large businesses alike spend too much money training the wrong people to do the wrong jobs.  I’m no longer a party to that sort of foolishness.

My clientele appreciate that you can’t grow healthy, fruit bearing trees in the wrong soil and in the wrong position, no matter how much water you pour over them.  Unlike many employers, my clients are prepared to engage in the science of purposeful organisation design, job design, structured selection and planned development.

This may at first sound a little obtuse; which is a sad reflection of how little importance most employers really place on deploying talent.  But if people are the difference between you and your competitors, then can you think of a better place to focus your efforts?

In the evolving economics of business, the traditional factors of production – land, labour and capital – are increasingly diminishing in importance compared to the fourth factor – enterprise – and that means what people can do beyond mechanical tasks.

Encouraging ‘enterprise’ is just as relevant to small businesses as to large, and it’s not ‘rocket science’ once you know how.  Directors, Entrepreneurs and Managers engage me because I know how, and because I can show them how to do it themselves, and then get their staff to do it, so the business needn’t be dependent on me indefinitely.

However, I have to turn away most people who approach me because they’re simply not prepared to do what it takes to succeed.  They’re still hoping that someone will give them an easy, fast and cheap recommendation to address their complex, time consuming and financially challenging circumstances.  I suggest such people simply ask a few others, as it won’t be long until someone tells them what they want to hear.

My clients engage me to tell them what they need to hear; not what they want to hear.  Working out what is necessary – then planning, implementing and coordinating the required courses of action – almost invariably requires a significant investment of time and other resources.  Of course this must always be kept in balance with the return on that investment, and cash/capital considerations.

Unfortunately, small businesses often remain small because the owners can’t separate themselves from the business, and are not prepared to start thinking and acting commercially.  Similarly, many managers limit their careers with wrong thinking .  Mindset is the single biggest factor contributing to and/or inhibiting the success of business owners and managers alike.

Among ambitious entrepreneurs with healthy mindsets my involvement logically graduates to a non-executive board level position with equity participation because my expertise relates directly to the most important drivers of business growth and sustainability such as leadership, marketing, sales, productivity, and service.

Consequently my input has dramatically improved the equity position of many enterprises.  What about yours?  You could keep all of the current pie to yourself; or own most of a pie factory?

You would contact me now because you need or are interested in one or more of the following:

  • Appointing a Board Director
  • Forming a Board or improving its performance
  • Diagnosing the performance and/or potential of your business
  • Formulating a business strategy and/or planning for its implementation
  • Coaching of an entrepreneur, director, or manager
  • Appointing key personnel in management, franchising, marketing, sales or service roles
  • Being appointed to such roles
  • Improving any or all of sales, service, productivity, margins, profits
  • Systematising your business to be placed under management
  • Preparing your business for equity raising; or for sale, succession or other form of exit

If any of the above are relevant to you AND you’re prepared to spend some time and money to address them, please email me (paul.curtis at bizdom.com.au) with your contact details or call me directly on 0412 921 292.


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